What is our greatest asset?
What is it that computers or artificial intelligence will not be capable of for a long time?

The answer is simple.

What do I mean by creativity? For me, creativity is the ability to create something new, from a new perspective or in a new way. Creativity, perhaps in some cases, is the opposite of logic. Something you know in your soul, but you can’t put into words.

Computers or artificial intelligence will not be able to do this yet, but in time, this will happen.

That is why I try to emphasize personal creativity in my development. Once I realized that my greatest opportunity is in my creativity, I woke up again. I started to see the world differently. I understood my own possibilities. And now I try to wake other people to the same.

What can you do? Ask yourself, what did you like when you were a kid? Was there anything you could do for hours without a break? When we were kids, we were constantly active. We drew, we built, and we had no boundaries in our imagination.

At some point, when we grew up, everything disappeared. Why? Because the society and our parents may have wanted us to be adults, normal people who produce for the society.

Maybe we need to find our inner child. Be curious, build stories to create something that evokes emotions in us.

When I seriously started writing, it felt like I had found my true self. It felt like my soul had opened up. Now I can’t stop writing until I go to sleep. And I look forward to what I can write the next day.

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