Tomorrow’s challenges.

We are facing huge changes. Businesses will collapse, unemployment and poverty will increase. The lives of many will change drastically. People’s income disparities are going to grow even more, and this can bring serious political, social problems. Certain extremists will ruthlessly take advantage of this. Racism and anti-science are on the rise.

How can I influence the situation myself? Not necessarily in any way. I can only decide how I behave and react to events. I have to be critical of all the new information, especially what is being disseminated on social media.

Sometimes, it feels like we only have two options; either surrender and allow things to move forward or actively participate in making a change.

It all depends on how quickly you react to the change. Unfortunately, my own experience is that most people are not capable of change. There are always excuses. I'm too old, I'm too young, I have a certain disease, I don’t have enough money and so on.

In my circle of friends, there are people who have done the same things from year to year. Nothing has changed, everything has been exactly the same. And when all of a sudden everything has changed around, it feels like the same people have become quite crazy.

I've been lucky, I've traveled all over the world, I have lived and worked in different countries, and I have taken the way of life of different cultures. Perhaps the red thread in my own life has been a constant change. Sometimes, I think my superpower is the ability to change myself.


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