Paris, France

I love Paris. Food, wine, and beautiful French women. I was in Paris for the first time in the late 80s, and I have really weird memories. One of the memories is one day with my friend, at midnight, we were drunk like hell on the streets of Paris. We couldn’t get the bottle of wine cap open, and we had to go to a nearby restaurant and ask the waitress to open the bottle for us.

The waitress looked at us for a moment and laughed, and stated that we are Finnish. However, he opened the bottle and wished us a good rest of the evening.

My second memory is when we went to see the new Batman movie. You probably know what movie I mean. A film where Jack Nicholson was a joker and Michael Keaton was a batman.

The whole experience was somehow surreal. French audience, a foreign language, we were a drunk and absolutely stunning film. Not to mention Jack Nicholson’s always dazzling acting.

Pure madness and really beautiful to watch. You just can’t beat that.


Markku Parviainen

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