Meaning of life?

At some point, we all need to ask ourselves, what is the meaning of life? Do I live a full life? Am I happy? Is there something else for me? I was at a crossroads in my own life in the late 90s. I made perhaps the most important decision. I decided I would never be an employee of anyone else again.

The most important thing for me is my freedom and ability to decide my own future. Of course, this was not easy. At one point, life was really hard, but it felt like I made the right decision. But I fought through and survived.

Surprisingly, many people are unable to be self-employed. Uncertainty and the fact that everything depends on itself is a big block. On the other hand, understanding that it all depends on you is a liberating insight.

Further, to this day, I am surprised at how many people want to live a so-called normal life; work, family, and watching TV in the evening. The same safe and boring life 24/7

Today, we live longer than ever before. Perhaps it would be time to understand that the past is not the same as the future. The old belief that we retire at age 65, and after that we enjoy life, is an illusion.

You do not know if your pension will be enough for the rest of your life and what kind of quality of life you will enjoy. What if you live to be over a hundred years old? And half of your life, you are retired? That doesn’t make any sense.

Why don't you start doing what you enjoy? Something you know you can do for the rest of your life. It’s just sad to see too many people settle for mediocrity and too little.

Today, we have all the tools and opportunities. It all depends on your own desire and attitude. A few years ago, I decided to seriously start a writer’s career. I wondered for a long time what I want to do? What is my passion? What do I want to do for the rest of my life? When I found the answer to this, then everything becomes clear.


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