Being weird should be the new normal

Sometimes, I feel that we all are bit weird and messed up. We just pretend to be normal. Some people are just better pretenders than others.

A true person is willing to accept his or her flaws and either fix them or accept them as strengths. Because what you might think as a flaw, someone else will think that it is your greatest strength.

But being weird and different is always better than being normal and boring.


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  1. Hi Markku! Being weird should be the normal. I agree that totally because I am weird! Hahaa! I like your stories and poems. It was such a strange feeling to read about your childhood because it was such a samekind feeling as my childhood was. My mother died of cancer at the age of 32 when I was 10 years old. My father became alcoholic quickly after that. He was only 31 years old widow with four minor dependents. Four girls. The eldest was 12, I was 10, next was 4,5 and the youngest was only 1 year and 4 month. We were very poor. In practice we had nothing. Often not even food or sometimes even heating in winter. In my opinion it was a terrible time for me. The strangest thing has been noticing how different we children remember these things from our childhood. Altough two youngest sister were so small that they cannot remember things whatsoever I have experienced. They were away from home at that time to be cared for by relatives. It is strange situation. As if I had nothing in common with them. I always felt like an outside.
    I have always dreamed to write a book about my life. Some have even recommended it to me. I must start now. Otherwise it will never become anything. I would make a small self-published book just for my closest people. And when I red your stories I decided to try write it in English. My foreign friends could check the spelling afterwards.
    You, Markku, have been a source of inspiration to me! Thank you, Markku, that I have had access to your production and you as a person trough your stories. You are such an honest and genuine person.

    With best regards,

    1. Thank you! Somehow I saw this today. I think you should start to write and in English because of a bigger audience. If your Finnish is good, then with both languages.

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