Markku Parviainen

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I have been writing for the last 20 years. First to newsletters, then for blogs and last years mostly, I have published my books. Long time I was afraid to show my material for the public, but when I started to get more and positive feedback, I decided to become a full-time writer.

Mostly I write about my own experiences and how I see the world. I write about love and hate, self-doubt, and madness around me—my own madness and faith.

I try to write for those who like to feel something, those who have that absolute fire inside, or those who think they have lost it.

Markku Parviainen

Dreamers like us

Just you and me
Driving on highway
Black night
Radio on

No expectations
We are too old for games
Just tonight
Our moment together

That's enough
For dreamers like us

I love you

Whisper in the night

I whisper
Please go away
Otherwise, I won’t stop

You whisper
Come now
I am here
I will make you feel again

I whisper
Please go away
If I start again
I won’t’ stop
I can’t follow that road again

You whisper
Come just one more time
You need me

I whisper
Please go away
I am too weak
No more
Never again
But I know it’s a lie.

Plastic Smile

Pose for picture
Plastic smile
Be someone else
Likes for love
Hate comes later
Now is my time

Money and fame
Silk and honey
It’s just me, me and me

Time goes by
Same plastic smile
No more likes for the love
Hate never fades
No money
No fame

It’s was just me, me and me.


Hello darkness

You are still here?
I can see you now
You were away for a long time
But now you are back

I admit
I missed you
Sometimes it’s easy to be with you

You know me
You understand me
But if you stay here I won’t go back

So my old friend
Farewell until we meet again

Goodbye darkness.

Raise up

Alone and drinking
Staring at the wall
Bottle half empty

I have to raise up
Find a light again
Find my real passion.

It’s so easy to be alone and feel nothing
But everything has changed
This world is different
I am still the same.

I am still in my room
Now with an empty bottle

How did that happen?

Alone and thinking
Staring at the wall
I have to be someone
Someone else
But not me

Should I get a new bottle?

I have to raise up
Find myself
Find my real passion.

But first
One more bottle.

7.00 AM

07.00 AM
I am thinking

09.00 AM
Thinking more

11.00 AM
Still thinking

12 PM
I give up.

I still don’t understand women.


Last night I had a nightmare.

No internet
No YouTube
No Netflix
I had to think

I was so fucked.

Fallen Angel

Angel is whispering,
Why wait, boy?
Just do it now
And everything will be good again.

Don’t wait
Everyone is waiting
This is your time
Do it now.

Angel screams
Are you still here?
Don’t waste my time
I am here for you
Get it done

Angel is talking himself
I fooled him
Let’s find another one.
A fallen angel is laughing madly.