Markku Parviainen

I am a Finnish author and I explore everyday life, love, hate, and relationships in a nordic way. Mostly I write about my own experiences and how I see the world.

I write about love and hate, self-doubt, and madness around me—my own madness and faith. I try to write for those who like to feel something, those who have that absolute fire inside, or those who think they have lost it.

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My Dark side


Sometimes, it just hits hard. Nothing you can do about it. My dark side; depression. Everything looks great from the outside, but at the same time, I feel nothing is working. I can’t reach my dreams, and I am stuck with this hell.


Today, I am older and I know better. Depression is like a wave. It will hit hard and you just have to let time do the work. Everything will be fine.


Just wait and see.


So far, it’s working.

From Tales from my Dark Side: Short stories & Poems from my mad, mad life.

By Markku Parviainen

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